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Our patients inspire us everyday to find new and better ways to help them recover.

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There are many types of technologies used throughout Spaulding Network facilities to enhance the quality of rehabilitation care as well as to improve your outcome. The use of technology is an important component of the rehabilitation program and often differentiates the Spaulding Network from other rehabilitation hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.


Some of the technologies provided throughout the Spaulding Network include:

  • Robot-Aided Rehabilitation, including the Armeo and the Lokomat. The Armeo is a robotic device that uses functional, task specific therapy with visual feedback, using highly sensitive weight support to reduce gravity, allowing you to use your upper extremities in a wide range of movement, even if you have limited use of your arm. The Lokomat is the first driven gait orthotic that assists walking movements of gait-impaired patients. It is used to improve mobility following stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis or other neurological diseases and injuries. 
  • Partial Body Weight Supported Treadmill, such as the Litegait. The LiteGait is a device that controls weight bearing, posture, and balance over a treadmill or over ground. It provides proper posture, reduces weight bearing, eliminates concerns of falling, and facilitates the training of coordinated lower extremity movement while allowing the clinician to manually assist movement in your legs and pelvis to achieve proper gait patterns. 
  • The Erigo combines the use of a traditional tilt table with weight bearing and range of motion. The goal of the Erigo is to help prepare you for sitting in a wheelchair or standing activities. 
  • Pressure Mapping Technology is used to visually assess pressure patterns to reduce skin breakdown and develop proper seating systems for our patients in wheelchairs and in bed. This technology allows for clinicians to visually assess your pressure patterns and to develop, adjust, and implement pressure-relieving solutions before skin breakdown occurs. 
  • Motomed Movement Therapy System is used for patients with paralysis, spasticity, and physical weakness. The Motomed allows you to gently maintain flexibility, counteract the consequence of inactivity, reduce spasticity, build up muscle strength, and promote walking ability. 
  • Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation, including the Bioness L300, the Bioness H200, and the VitalStim. The Bioness L300 is a functional electrical stimulation system designed to help patients with neurological disorders affecting the lower extremities, specifically the foot. It is designed to stimulate your muscles, prevent atrophy and promote a more natural walking pattern. The Bioness H200 helps patients with upper-limb paralysis regain hand control. The H200 is used for exercise and functional activities, such as practicing grasping and releasing objects and performing activities in daily living. The VitalStim is used to treat dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, which often affects individuals who have had stroke. Vital Stimulation Therapy uses electrodes to strengthen and restore swallow function to improve quality of life.
  • Integration of Adaptive Video Games, such as Wiihab, which is the medical application of interactive video gaming devices to augment physical, cognitive, and behavioral therapies under the guidance of a trained and licensed healthcare professional. Wiihab provides real-time visual and auditory feedback for motor task training to both you and your therapist.  
  • Pressalit Systems are functional training environments that are adapted for your specific needs. Using the Pressalit system, therapists are able to adapt a living space to a yout needs, ranging from sink height and toilet height to various grab bars for safety.



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