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Programs for Survivors

The Institute develops innovative stroke recovery programs, including an annual rehabilitation assessment, an intensive aphasia program, wellness activities for stroke survivors, and pathways for the clinical use of cutting-edge rehabilitation treatments. It provides information resources to patients and clinicians to help with the post-acute management of stroke-related symptoms.

  • Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program

    The Stroke Wellness Institute in conjunction with the MGH Institute for Health Professions and the SRH Speech-Language Pathology Department sponsors an Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program (ICAP) each year in the fall.

    This program incorporates 4 hours of individual and dyad language treatment with an additional 3 hours of life participation activities that will offer further practice of individualized objectives for communication improvement. Participation activities will include physical activity, artistic expression and wellness components designed to facilitate carryover of goals.

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  • Wellness Program

    Paving the Path to Wellness (TM) is presented by Dr. Beth Frates, physician and wellness coach.  Dr. Frates is the daughter of a stroke survivor, co- author of a stroke prevention book, a lifestyle medicine specialist, a mother, a care-giver, and a wellness seeker.

    Dr. Frates’ 12-step plan is built on a growth mindset, healthy eating, lifestyle exercise, sleep, and the power of personal connections. Participants will take each step together, discuss personal strategies and share solutions for positive change.

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  • Brain Music Workshop

    This is a percussion and instrumental ensemble for stroke survivors to make music together with the guidance of neuro-music therapists, occupational therapists, and professional musicians. Participants will have the opportunity to practice motor and cognitive skills while having fun with their peers. No prior music training or experience is necessary.   

  • Annual Re-Evaluation

    In order to help stroke survivor maintain and optimize their mobility, dexterity, communication skills and cognitive abilities, the Stroke Wellness Institute invites all stroke survivors to participate in an Annual Rehabilitation Re-evaluation with a stroke physiatrist who will assess the survivor and make recommendations regarding rehabilitation services, wellness, pain and spasticity management. Also, at this visit, information about function and status will be gathered and then followed year after year to monitor the survivor’s function over time.

  • Support Groups Meetings

    The Spaulding Rehabilitation Network holds support groups and stroke club in Boston and Cape Cod.