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Spaulding National Running Center

Helping Patients Move Smarter, Stronger, and Better

Welcome to the Spaulding National Running Center

The Spaulding National Running Center is one of the premier centers in the United States devoted exclusively to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of running injuries in runners of all ages and abilities. Based on the campus of Spaulding Hospital Cambridge and affiliated with Harvard Medical School, the Running Center provides evidence-based clinical care developed informed by overall body of running research.

The scientists at the Center implement motion capture technology, real-time feedback devices and gait retraining expertise to assess and treat each individual client. The SNRC is a national and international training site for post-doctoral and doctoral students, medical residents and fellows, and scientists from many disciplines.

The mission of the Spaulding National Running Center is to expand the current understanding of running related, musculoskeletal injuries with a focus on treatment and prevention, and to use this understanding to provide our patients with the most effective evidence-based care. Whether you run for fun or have a competitive spirit, our goal is to keep you running!

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