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About Us

Answers that change the world start with the question, “What if?” Our physicians, researchers and clinicians of Spaulding Rehabilitation ask “what if” every day to reach new frontiers in rehabilitation research and care.

Research in Action

At Spaulding, we aim to apply the results of research and new ideas to patient care as quickly as possible. As the principal teaching hospital of the Harvard Medical School Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, new ideas and a passion for innovation are part of our makeup. This academic affiliation and our combined resources allow us to maintain a vigorous research agenda and operate ongoing clinical trials.

These and other endeavors enhance Spaulding’s treatment programs, with clinical research results often quickly finding their way to the bedside.

Finding Strength Podcast

Finding Strength: The Spaulding Rehabilitation Podcast is a platform to bring together voices in the rehabilitation community. Monthly episodes will be inspired by research conducted out of the Spaulding Research Institute and stories from people with lived experiences. We aim to show how research has real meaning for real people.

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