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Wellness Programs to Enhance Rehabilitation

Complementary therapies can truly help your rehabilitation and recovery. That's why we at Spaulding promote a wealth of healthy mind and body programs to support all our patients beyond traditional therapies. You can participate in a host yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and other exercise programs at many of our facilities across greater New England.

  • Wellness program benefits

    Combining things like yoga or meditation and mindfulness with traditional rehabilitation therapy techniques can help expand your care. Our programs consider the needs of people just like you and our instructors are trained to adapt each practice based on your needs. Students have benefited from increased mobility, reduced stress and even lower blood pressure after participating in our wellness programs.

  • Who can participate?

    Our wellness programs are open to all patients of any age and ability – both inpatient Hospital Rehab and outpatient – for long and short term. We also offer wellness programs for specific abilities and conditions, such as Parkinson's disease and arthritis. Our staff and community members often attend as well.

    View all of our Spaulding Wellness Programs.