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Quality and Outcomes - Spinal Cord Injury Outpatient

The Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Spinal Cord Injury Program is a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient program.  Patients are able to enter the program as an inpatient and continue as an outpatient, or enter as an outpatient having completed an inpatient program elsewhere.  Below see information about the outpatient program, including demographic and patient experience outcomes. View more information on inpatient outcomes here.

Source: Uniform Data Systems 2019, MedTel Outcomes 2019


Patients Served

In 2019, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (SRH) Outpatient spinal cord injury program served 203 outpatients. Of those patients, 25% were female, while 75% were male. The average age of our outpatients was 44.7 years.  On average, our patients completed 12 outpatient visits.  

Patient Experience

Satisfaction with your experience is a high priority for us. We measured the quality of our programs by asking patients how satisfied they were with their overall care, how willing they were to recommend SRH to others, and how prepared they rate the administrative experience. We are committed to seeking ongoing feedback from our patient in order to continually improve our patient care.

"My therapist was the best I've ever encountered, thoughtful, compassionate and collaborative. She helped solve many of my difficulties but also encouraged my own engagement. It made the experience both rewarding and empowering."
--Patient participant