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Behavioral and Mental Health Services at Spaulding Boston (SRH)

We understand illness, injury, and trauma can turn your life upside down. That’s why we have a network of behavioral and mental health professionals who can help you cope with whatever you’re facing. From psychiatrists and psychologists to social workers, nurse practitioners and licensed mental health councilors specialized in the diagnosis of medical, psychiatric, emotional and behavioral issues, you never have to feel alone.

Our behavioral and mental health specialists are attuned to mental and emotional challenges that can occur when you experience illness, loss, injury, trauma or life-altering change. We use therapeutic techniques to support you emotionally and psychologically then set a course for full rehabilitation.

Our rehabilitation psychology services are available to both inpatients and outpatients, so we can continue to treat mood, anxiety, adjustment and chronic pain disorders to keep you healthy and on the road to recovery.

Spaulding's Approach to Behavioral and Mental Health

Our psychiatrists and psychologists are experts in psychopharmalogical management, behavioral management, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, supportive therapy, integrative and holistic Therapies, including meditation, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, and energy balancing, for psychiatric and medical-psychiatric issues that arise in both children and adults in the medical and rehabilitation setting.