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Sports Concussion Management at Brighton Outpatient

When your suffer from a sports-related concussion, you want to be sure their symptoms are treated promptly and correctly. We work with you to minimize the impact and long term effects of the injury.

Our Sports Concussion Management program uses an integrated approach* to full recovery. We combine a comprehensive, diagnostic evaluation, and individualized therapy and education to maximize your recovery and help facilitate a safe return to sports and activities. 

* Services vary by site

Spaulding's Approach to the Sports Concussion

Our treatment plan may include:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the injured athlete
  • Full Medical Exam including musculoskeletal, neurological, vestibular and cognitive assessments
  • Neurocognitive testing (with ImPACT®) to provide an objective assessment of cognitive function. This can help with determining readiness to return to play and/or academics
  • Medication as needed for headache, sleep or attention symptoms
  • Rehabilitation including physical therapy and balance and vestibular therapy

Services vary by site