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Make a Cash Gift

Your generous cash contribution, in any amount—when made today and on an ongoing annual basis—gives us the flexibility to address the most pressing needs throughout Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. Your support helps make the impossible possible for people living with disabilities and disabling conditions.

Donate Now

Convenient Ways to Contribute

We make giving easy, whether online or in the mail, and can help you with a wire transfer.

By Check:

Please make checks payable to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and mail your check to:

Spaulding Rehabilitation Network
Development Office
1575 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

By Wire Transfer:

To wire cash from your bank or brokerage account, please call us at 617-952-6880 for instructions.

Specific Facilities:

You may also direct your donation to support one of our specific facilities or programs. Please donate here.

"This is my way of making sure future patients like me can benefit from Spaulding’s revolutionary care."
– Former outpatient Micki Gold, an owner of a gift basket company, knows what it means to show appreciation. In addition to donating beautiful gift baskets, Micki decided to do more—presenting Spaulding with a generous check to support the latest research on musculoskeletal injury recovery.

Imagine the Possibilities

At a time when scientific advancements can help make the impossible possible, an investment in rehabilitation medicine has never been more necessary—or more promising.

Your gift to Spaulding can make a real difference...starting now.

Our Network reaches far and wide

Spaulding Rehabilitation Network is comprised of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston, Spaulding Hospital for Continuing Medical Care Cambridge, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Cape Cod, Spaulding Nursing and Therapy Center Brighton, and our affiliated outpatient centers.

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    The future of rehabilitation medicine is just around the corner.