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Healing Through Music

At Spaulding, music plays a role in our approach to caring not just for the patient, but for the whole person. Your unrestricted gift gives us the resources and flexibility to care for our patients through innovative, personalized rehabilitation programs.

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Leading-Edge Research—With a Beat

Lindsey and Max

Lindsey participates in Spaulding’s neurologic music therapy program to gain steadiness on her feet, a common challenge with multiple sclerosis. “Everything changes when you put music on,” says Lindsey, who credits the therapy with improving her balance, speed, and safety—slowing and reversing the typical pattern of MS.

The right song can give us the motivation to race one more mile—or to take just one more step. By making your gift today, you will join us in helping Spaulding patients find their strength.

An Incredible Recovery


When Anish came to Spaulding after a tragic gym accident, he was unable to move or speak. His therapist used exercises to build attention and focus, from relearning to press a single bell to producing musical patterns. One year later, Anish was back at work as a chemical engineer—and practicing the guitar daily.

The Power of Music, In Many Forms

jack bradley

Jack’s life changed when he snuck into a Louis Armstrong show and then become the legendary artist’s personal photographer. He recovered at Spaulding from a fall, and also lives with Parkinson’s disease—where music can play a role in rehabilitation. Our wellness programs for people with PD often incorporate music, treating the mind, body, and spirit.

Imagine the Possibilities

An investment in rehabilitation medicine has never been more necessary — or more promising.

Your gift to Spaulding can make new realities possible, starting now.