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PM&R Research

When it comes to research, our residents are consistently ahead of the curve. We offer a variety of continually evolving Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) research programs to meet your needs and the demands of an ever-changing field.

Under the mentorship of our faculty, and supported by monthly protected research time, residents are expected to participate in at least one significant research project before graduation. Fortunately, there is no shortage of opportunities for involvement. Many of our residents and attending physicians are regularly published in leading PM&R publications, which is why Doximity has ranked our program #1 for resident research output. Residents who present papers or posters at national meetings may also receive financial support, regardless of their level of training.

Some lecture topics featured annually in our formal research curriculum include:

  • Funding and mentoring in field of PM&R
  • Simple Regressions and Correlations (part of statistics/case study lecture series)
  • Human Subjects: Ethics and IRB
  • Presenting your work for academic conferences
  • Writing and revising a journal article
  • Mentor presentations by clinical and research faculty