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Pediatric Wheelchair and Equipment Clinic

If you or your child uses a wheelchair or adaptive equipment, because of an injury or medical condition, comfort is essential but can often be difficult to find. Fortunately, we can help. A custom wheelchair can ease pressure sores, promote good posture, breathing, and digestion. And better yet, the right chair can give you more independence.

The use of adapted equipment to enhance your child’s function and safety for daily needs, may include: wheelchairs, bath seats, standers, gait trainers, and car seats, just to name a few. In our clinics we will assess and determine the best equipment to help your child’s posture, mobility, access and participation. Items are identified by a Therapist and an Assistive Technology Provider (ATP) to meet your child’s specific needs. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment today.

Every individual is entitled to minimize limitations of a disability with access and use of assistive technology. We consider everything you’re going through, from your diagnosis, treatment plan, personal goals, strengths and interests to meet your comfort and mobility needs.

Levels of Care for the Pediatric Wheelchair and Seating Clinic

  • Outpatient