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Telehealth and Virtual Visits FAQs

The majority of patients experienced a virtual visit with a healthcare institution for the very first time this past year. To help new and returning patients navigate these unfamiliar waters, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our patients on Virtual Visits.

Before Your Telehealth Visit

What happens during a virtual visit? Am I still able to see my clinician in person if I start using virtual visits? Am I able to do these visits from work? I’m interested in conducting virtual visits with my doctor. How do I begin? What consent must a patient provide to receive treatment via virtual care? What should I wear to my telehealth visit?

Telehealth Billing and Payment

How much will I be charged for my virtual visit? Will I still be billed if there are technical challenges during my virtual visit? How do I pay for my virtual visit? What should I do if I think I’ve received a bill in error?

Telehealth Technology

Is Zoom safe to use for my visit? Is the connection between myself and my clinician secure and private? How do I disable popup blockers? How can I get access to Patient Gateway? How do I start my visit? How do I locate my volume control? Can I invite a third party (spouse, caretaker, etc.) to my appointment who would be joining from another location?

Telehealth Benefits

What are the benefits of virtual care visits?

Telehealth Benefits

What should I do if I have technical difficulties before or during my visit?