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Prosthetic BOOST Therapy Program

A man with one prosthetic leg running on a treadmill.The Prosthetic BOOST Therapy Program at Spaulding Rehabilitation is an intensive outpatient therapy offering for prosthetic users available at 8 of our outpatient locations. The program consists of 5-10 sessions over 1 or 2 weeks of extended physical therapy sessions, with supplemental therapy as needed (i.e., occupational therapy, recreational therapy, nutrition, aquatic therapy, etc.). Successful graduates of the Boost program have experienced higher function in all aspects of being a prosthetic user and the ability to achieve and maintain higher levels of independence and safety. While the ideal participant is a new prosthetic user, the program can also benefit experienced prosthetic users who are dealing with a new injury, have received a new prosthesis, or are trying to progress their mobility to the next level. Former and current Spaulding Rehabilitation patients are eligible to apply for the program. The Boost Therapy visits are at no cost to the patients as they are generously supported through grant funding.

For information about how to apply, please email

Levels of Care for the BOOST Therapy Program

Along the way, your recovery is supported by some the most advanced rehabilitation treatments, research and programs available that create a continuum of care.

  • Outpatient
  • Wellness

BOOST Equipment Grant

The BOOST equipment grant provides funding for specialty prosthetic equipment that is not eligible for insurance reimbursement. Former recipients have benefitted from specialty equipment awards including (but not limited to) waterproof prostheses, running prostheses, and snow sport prostheses. Former and current Spaulding Rehabilitation patients are eligible to apply for equipment funding.

For information about how to apply, please email