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Integrative Health

Integrative health approaches can be used in combination with conventional rehabilitation medicine to maximize health, quality of life, and function. No matter your injury or ability, techniques such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture, tai chi, reiki and massage therapy can help you access your body’s own inner healing resources, find your strength and harness the power of your body, mind and spirit to improve recovery, manage stress and find peace of mind.

All our integrative health services are evidence-based and designed to enhance your current treatments and therapies. They can increase your overall well-being, improve sleep, and help you relax and stay calm when facing everyday challenges. Integrative Medicine has been shown to be effective with diagnoses too numerous to list. It can also help with pain and stress management and promote flexibility and balance.

Services include:

  • Biofeedback and meditation
  • Craniosacral therapy and myofascial release
  • Energy psychology and hypnosis
  • Massage therapy and reiki
  • Tai chi and yoga

Levels Of Care for Integrative Health

We’re here to make a difference in your life and help pave the road to wellness. Spaulding's integrative health services are available at all levels of care throughout Spaulding Rehabilitation.

  • Hospital Rehab
  • Long-Term Acute
  • Outpatient
  • Wellness

Spaulding's Approach to Integrative Health

The Integrative Health Programs at Spaulding are under the direction of Dr. Ariana Vora. Our Integrative Health team includes skilled professionals who are dually licensed to practice their conventional disciplines and integrative medicine practices. Our team includes acupuncturists, massage therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, and nutritionists.

At Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston, Integrative Medicine is offered to inpatients through a partnership with Pathways to Wellness that includes acupuncture and shiatsu (acupressure massage), at no cost to patients. This service has been funded by a grant from the Maynard Family Fund.

Spaulding Rehabilitation’s professionals have contributed to the field including the following: textbook “Integrative Pain Medicine” (Humana Press, 2009) was edited by Drs. Joseph Audette and Alison Bailey of Spaulding Boston’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

  • Dr. Rick Leskowitz has published numerous articles on integrative health topics including phantom pain, and a definitive textbook on complementary medicine in rehabilitation.
  • Dr. Ariana Vora has published and spoken internationally on integrative medicine and co-chairs integrative medicine at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine.
  • Dr. Leon Morales-Quezada actively researches and speaks internationally on placebo and integrative health.
  • Dr. Gloria Vergara-Diaz’s research with Dr. Paolo Bonato on tai chi and balance received a national award at ACRM.

Members of the Integrative Medicine Team at Spaulding Rehabilitation Outpatient Center in Medford have presented at the National Institute of Health and the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine on the use of Integrative Medicine and Functional Restoration for Chronic Pain Management.

Spaulding Integrative Health collaborates on research and educational ventures with local partners such as the Osher Center and the Massachusetts General Hospital Benson-Henry Institute of Mind/Body Medicine, nationally with the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, and internationally with the Indian Ministry of AYUSH.