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Fit to Be Kids®

Fit to Be Kids® is Spaulding’s unique program designed to educate children and their families about physical fitness, nutrition and mindfulness through group activities and hands-on learning. Designed especially for children K-8th grade, the program meets once a week for 6 weeks. Led by a team of physical therapists and a licensed social worker, each 45-minute remote session combines nutrition and behavior education as well as exercise to promote healthy learning and teaches a variety of activities over the weeks. The program’s goal is to empower kids to lead a healthier, wholesome lifestyle. 

All sessions take place remotely using the Zoom platform. Each session includes remote learning opportunities and in-person support. Register online here.

For more information, contact Susan at (508) 240–7203 or email


Levels Of Care

Along the way, your recovery is supported by some the most advanced rehabilitation treatments, research and programs available that create a continuum of care.

  • Wellness

Spaulding’s Approach to Care

To help children and adolescents eat better and move more, Fit to be Kids offers a multitude of physical activities, from kickboxing and Zumba to yoga and hiking. There are weekly discussions about reading nutritional labels, understanding cravings vs. hunger, and making healthy choices when dining out. Parents are also educated about how to plan balanced meals and grocery shop for healthy alternatives. Additional topics include stress management and mindful eating. Fit to Be Kids helps participants to establish habits which form the basis of permanent change and improve wellbeing long term.

Children do not need a medical referral to enroll; a school nurse, pediatrician or friend may recommend the program. Fit to Be Kids is a self-pay program but some insurance coverage may be available.

A multidisciplinary clinical team administers the Fit to Be Kids program and includes physical therapists, and a licensed social worker. Together they lead children and parent sessions that combine learning with movement in a safe and supportive environment.

Program Outline

Week 1

  • Nutrition 101 
  • Balance Games 

Week 2

  • Planning Meals & Snacks 
  • Kickboxing

Week 3

  • Eating Out & Eating Behaviors 
  • Circuit Training 

Week 4

  • What is Mindfulness? 
  • Yoga

Week 5

  • What is Stress?   
  • Zumba 

Week 6

  • Setting Personal Goals and Achievements   
  • Core and Stretching 

Referrals and Fees

A child does not need a medical referral (Rx) to attend our program. However, we do require clearance from a pediatrician to participate. A school nurse, pediatrician or friend may recommend our program.

Fit to be Kids® is a self-pay program. The fee is $60. Please check with your insurer directly to inquire about any assistance that they may provide for family health programs.