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Spaulding Peace Art Gallery

Rehabilitation medicine has always had a focus on fixing physical trauma, relearning life tasks and addressing speech and language needs. However more rehab providers now recognize the need to address what is often called the "spiritual" side of a patient. One pathway to healing is the arts, which Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital has embraced throughout its programs incorporating therapeutic recreation and integrative medicine. Triggering new methods of healing and engaging patients in different ways, caregivers have often seen patients truly thrive while learning or re-learning an artistic skill such painting or photography.  The success of these treatments led to Spaulding establishing a permanent exhibit space, "The Spaulding Peace Art Gallery", a gallery for artists with disabilities.

Currently on display:  “Employee Express,” a collection of paintings, photographs, and artwork created by staff members throughout the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network.

The Gallery is located on the second floor of the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston, in the rear of the Charles River Café.  We are open daily until 8pm.  At times the gallery is booked for meetings so would be unavailable at those times. 

 The Spaulding Peace Art Gallery is also open by arrangement for special events, groups, and class tours. Contact Betsy Pillsbury or Colleen Moran, co-directors, to schedule your visit or to inquire around accessibility.

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