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patient-story For Elayna O’Neil, a mother of two and a hair salon owner, her hands are central to her life. But after contracting COVID-19 and spending 21 days on a ventilator in acute care, Elayna was too weak to feed or dress herself—and she suffered crippling anxiety. She turned to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown to recover physically and mentally. “My Spaulding team addressed every single issue I had,” she says. “I’m thankful to Spaulding for giving me back my mobility—and my life.” For the thousands of people like Elayna who have contracted COVID-19, survival is only half the battle. The journey of recovery—returning home and resuming life—may be arduous, and much harder than anticipated. That’s where Spaulding comes in. Spaulding’s mission includes a commitment to improving quality of life. We do that through direct patient care, teaching and research, advocacy efforts, and innovative programming. At Spaulding Outpatient Centers, we help people get their lives back from a range of conditions—from everyday sports injuries to COVID-19. And we do it with support from donors, whose generous gifts help get our patients back to the activities and lives they love. After 11 days in Spaulding Charlestown, Elayna was welcomed home with a parade in Revere, where

Meet Elayna

Image of Elayna

"I thought I was never going to walk again or be able to use my hands,” says Elayna.

"I was so worried about going back to work.”

Imagine the Possibilities

At a time when scientific advancements can help make the impossible possible, an investment in rehabilitation medicine has never been more necessary—or more promising.

Your gift to Spaulding can make a real difference...starting now.