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patient-story The human desire to get outside, interact with other people, and do the activities we love is a struggle for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic—and even more so for people like Sister Angela Graham, who are living with injury, illness, or disability. A longtime resident of Orleans, MA, Angela suffered a stroke in 2014 and turned to Spaulding Cape Cod for her recovery journey. The 65-year-old became an active participant in the Spaulding adaptive sports program, which helps people of all abilities take part in sports and recreation activities as a means to heal. “Stroke survivors are often isolated in our experience,” says Angela. “But this has been a way for me to interact with people going through similar challenges.” Angela is an avid biker and kayaker, activities that can be done while social distancing—unless, like her, you need human contact and support to get set up in adaptive equipment. In response, the Spaulding adaptive sports team pivoted to launch a virtual program with group sessions held using Zoom technology. It’s just one example of Spaulding’s ongoing commitment to improving quality of life, even during these challenging times.  “I can’t even begin to describe what it’s like to have a community of people who understand

Meet Angela

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“The impact of adaptive sports is so much broader than just getting exercise.”

Imagine the Possibilities

At a time when scientific advancements can help make the impossible possible, an investment in rehabilitation medicine has never been more necessary—or more promising.

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