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Magnet Journey

Magnet designation is the highest level of recognition that the American Nurses Credentialing Center can offer to healthcare organizations that provide nursing care. It is a hospital designation for nursing excellence. At Spaulding, we have committed to a culture of nursing excellence and have started on our Magnet journey. We are in various stages of application and document submission at each of our four sites and are anticipating site visits at both Spaulding Cape Cod and Spaulding Cambridge.

Pillars of Nursing Practice at Spaulding

  • Research Pillar

    The goal of the Research Pillar is to provide a professional environment which supports nurses’ active participation in research. We have recently completed a research project on the importance of recording an accurate respiratory rate and presented this work at national conference. We are currently working on a project investigating the benefits of telemedicine in the post-acute setting.

  • Academic Pillar

    The focus for the Academic Pillar is to create an environment which promotes continuous professional advancement through a commitment to formal education, specialty certification and participation in nursing professional organizations. In this group, we have revised our Clinical Ladder Program with input from staff nurses to encourage greater participation. We have seen the number of applicants double from past years. We are currently working to redesign a certification prep course for the CRRN exam.

  • Clinical Pillar

    The objective of the Clinical Pillar is to achieve an exceptional practice environment that consistently exceeds the national benchmarks in nursing satisfaction and clinical outcomes. One of our biggest accomplishments for this group is the creation of our Virtual Journal Club. We have had several instances where the author of one of our journal articles has participated in our journal club and discussed his/her work with our members. We are now working on a project to improve nursing documentation and reduce patient falls.

  • Advocacy Pillar

    The goal of the Advocacy Pillar is to engage in opportunities for Spaulding nurses to become leaders in advocacy efforts for our patients, for our nurses and for our community. Through this group, we have worked with local community groups to hold collection drives for food, clothing and other needed items. We continue to work with local and national organizations to clearly define our role in this work of advocating for persons with disabilities to have a career in healthcare.

Highlights from Our Magnet Journey

Spaulding Cape Cod

We submitted our Magnet Document on October 1, 2021. The commission on Magnet has requested clarification on some items which we submitted in April 2022. We anticipate our site visit will be scheduled in late summer.

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Spaulding Cambridge

We submitted our Magnet Document on April 1, 2022, and expect to hear back from the commission on Magnet in July 2022 regarding our next steps. We will either need to provide clarifying documents or proceed directly to site visit.

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Spaulding Brighton

We are laying a foundation for our Magnet work in Spaulding Brighton. We have completed our gap analysis to identify where our greatest efforts should be and have identified nursing research as the largest gap. Nurses at Spaulding Brighton are working with our Director of Nursing Research for potential research projects. We are hoping to submit our application in early 2023.

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Spaulding Charlestown

We are working on creating the necessary structure and processes for our Magnet journey at Spaulding Charlestown. We have started collecting data on patient satisfaction and nursing sensitive indicators, which are required by Magnet. Our goal is to submit our application in fall of 2023.

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