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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What levels of care are available through Spaulding?

    Spaulding has 2 acute rehabilitation hospitals, also known as inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRF), 1 long-term acute care (LTAC) facility, 1 skilled nursing facility (SNF), and multiple outpatient therapy centers throughout Eastern Massachusetts. We work collaboratively with our referral sources to find the appropriate level of care and clinical program for all referred patients.

  • What kinds of insurance does Spaulding accept?

    Spaulding Rehabilitation accepts most insurance plans. Your admissions representative or clinical liaison can assist you with insurance concerns.

  • Does Spaulding have a Pediatric Rehabilitation Program?

    Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston has a 14-bed inpatient pediatric program. Outpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation services are provided in Boston, Lexington, Salem and Sandwich.

  • Does Spaulding have a Ventilator Weaning Program?

    Spaulding has dedicated Ventilator Weaning Rehabilitation Programs in Cambridge. Our ventilator programs are designed for patients who have weaning potential.

  • Does Spaulding offer outpatient therapy services?

    Spaulding provides skilled outpatient rehabilitation services at locations from Cape Ann to Cape Cod. For more information about outpatient services, please call (888) SRN-4330.

  • How do I make a referral?

    For more information about making an inpatient referral to any Spaulding Rehabilitation facility, please contact Spaulding Admissions at (617) 573-7000, toll free at (888) 774-0055.