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Cafeteria Information:

The Constitution Cafe, offers employees, visitors, and local Navy Yard residents, choices that are nutritious and healthy. Seasonally, it expands to over 220 indoor and outdoor seats along Boston’s Harbor walk, overlooking the inner harbor. It’s a great place to relax and take in the view while enjoying all the Cafe has to offer. Food items are identified through Spaulding’s “Find Your Nutritional Strength” stoplight program, with links to the Boston Health Commission’s healthy food guidelines. This program helps customers identify those items that are Healthy with respect to calories, sodium and saturated fats, foods that should be chosen in moderation, and foods that should be chosen infrequently. There are even pricing incentives to steer customers into choosing healthier options.

The Constitution Cafe hours of operation are 6:30 AM – 11:15 PM daily. There are hot and cold items available throughout the day, including an extensive selection of freshly prepared grab & go items. Debit Cafe Gift cards can be purchased to meet the needs of our cashless society. The cafeteria features a deli bar, grill, hot food station, self serve soup and salad bar, and proudly serves Starbucks coffee as part of its’ beverage choices. The Cafe has a varied selection of vegetarian and gluten free options and is sensitive to food allergies while maintaining a high level of food safety.

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Food Related Healthy Hospital Initiatives for the Cafe:

Spaulding Boston proudly supports healthy eating as part of healthy living. Integrated into the Constitution Cafe menu offerings are national pledge commitments to provide a balanced menu, offer a larger selection of healthy beverages, and purchase as much local and sustainable foods as feasible.

Examples of those foods include: the use of cage free eggs, antibiotic free meats and poultry, locally caught seafood, hormone free milk products, ethically sourced Starbucks coffee, and locally grown seasonal produce. In addition, Spaulding Boston supports local businesses and products such as the Thin n’ Trim line of cold cuts, Green Mountain Greek style yogurt, Jubali Organic smoothies, Ken’s salad dressing, Hood milk, Polar beverages, and Cape Cod & Deep River snacks.

The department also sponsors farmer’s markets on-site, offering locally grown or locally prepared produce, cheese, and bakery products. Check out the Cafe’s Digital sign for upcoming events.

Because of the commitment to healthy living, you won’t find empty calorie drinks in the cafeteria, or fry-o-lators in the kitchen! We also maintain our own garden for growing herbs and vegetables in conjunction with the patient garden therapy program. Related sustainability concepts include a strong hospital and kitchen recycling program, composting of food waste, and the use of eco-friendly disposables.


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