Spaulding Nursing & Therapy Center Brighton

At the Spaulding Nursing and Therapy Center Brighton (SRB), we make independence a priority. We strive to maximize independence and quality of life for every patient by placing the patient at the center of care from admission to discharge. Because of this focus, we are continually evaluating everything we do, and we encourage feedback from patients and families.

Our interdisciplinary team approach supports the optimum recovery of the individual by involving the patient and family in all phases of the treatment process. Since the goal of the facility is to assist all patients in returning to the most independent living environment as quickly as possible, our dedicated staff helps patients reach their recovery goals successfully through an outcome-orientated approach to care.

We do this by assembling a team of case managers, nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers and therapists who meet weekly to review and revise treatment plans. We encourage family members to attend these meetings to promote dialogue and stay updated.

Communicating with families and enabling them to provide their relatives with as much support as possible is a top priority. In addition to our weekly care meetings, family members have the opportunity to take part in special caregiver education programs to help them care for a family member at home.

Spaulding Now Newsletter
Spaulding Now Newsletter

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