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Publications by Spaulding Network Patients

With the help of the physicians, therapists, and nurses, patients at Spaulding Hospital make incredible strides toward recovery every day. Sometimes, these life-changing experiences are so powerful that they inspire Spaulding's patients to chronicle their journeys back to health in their own words.

We invite you to learn more about these publications by Spaulding patients:

Professor Cromer Learns to Read: A Couple's New Life after Brain Injury by Janet M. Cromer

Professor Cromer Learns to Read: A Couple's New Life after Brain Injury chronicles Alan's intensive rehabilitation following a severe anoxic brain injury. Alan and Janet share their perspectives on building a new identity, marriage, and life with meaning and gusto over seven years while dealing with brain injury and Parkinson's disease. Janet and Alan were founding members of the Boston Acquired Brain Injury Support Group (BABIS), speakers at events for staff and patients, and members of the Spaulding Board of Overseers.

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To Get Back Home: A Mysterious Disease: A Fight for Life by Wendy Chapin Ford

Review from To Get Back Home is a medical thriller of the first order, a true story of triumph and survival over astronomical odds, as an otherwise healthy and active young woman fights for her life after being suddenly stricken by a rare neurological disorder, Acute Demyelinating Encephalomyelitis (ADEM).

To Get Back Home takes you on a harrowing journey as Ms. Ford forges her way back from a coma and quadriplegia, desperate to return to her family and young children. Her life seemed perfect until Wendy Ford was stricken and rendered comatose within days, and then, after a tense weeks-long battle for survival, quadriplegic. At one of the most renowned hospitals in the world, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, the Harvard teaching hospital known as "Harvard with a heart," her doctors – Harvard Medical School professors all – were helpless to diagnose and treat her, hard as they tried, as the rare malady confounded even them and she slipped further and further away.

Initially, she was not expected to live, or, ultimately, to walk again or recover her prior intellectual abilities. Doctors have referred to hers as a miracle case, but the mysteries persist to this day.

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