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PM&R Housing

The Partners lease guaranty program helps ease the financial burden of finding housing in the Boston area. Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital residents are eligible for the program, because Spaulding is affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital.

The lease guaranty program is intended to help residents and clinical fellows at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital when the landlord requires advance payment of up to two (2) months of rent (security deposit and last month's payment) as a condition for entering into a lease. Through the program, Partners will guaranty payment to the landlord under specified circumstances. In return, the resident or fellow agrees to reimburse Partners for any payment Partners is required to make under the guaranty.

The guaranty has been negotiated with and accepted by Equity Residential Properties, which owns many residential buildings in the Boston area, including Emerson and Longfellow Place, as well as buildings in West Roxbury, Cambridge, Roslindale, etc. The same guaranty is now being discussed with another major landlord in the Brookline area. We are optimistic that the terms of this guaranty will be acceptable to many other landlords. Eligible residents or clinical fellows may offer the guaranty to any landlord they wish