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Spaulding Rehabilitation Network’s Stroke Rehabilitation Program provides an unsurpassed level of care for individuals who have had a stroke. Together our expert staff, stroke-specific treatments, advanced technologies, and research-supported therapies maximize recovery in every way, for each patient.

The Stroke Rehabilitation Program, the largest in New England, provides inpatient care at multiple levels of care, based on patients’ rehabilitation and medical needs. All programs offer physician-led, interdisciplinary rehabilitation services, progressed and modified as patients’ functional status improves. Our programs provide individual and group therapies, as well as a variety of rehabilitation technologies to help patients’ achieve their highest level of function.

Noteworthy, is the Stroke Rehabilitation Program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston that specializes in the care of young adult stroke survivors. The Young Adult Stroke Service provides a supportive environment that serves a high proportion of younger stroke patients allowing them to maximize their potential for recovery.

Approach to Care

The Stroke Team of the Spaulding Network works to make sure patients and their loved ones are fully informed every step of the way. We provide counseling to help them adjust to change and plan for the future, as well as training for family members who will participate in patients’ care after discharge. Most importantly, we help each patient find the physical, emotional and spiritual strength to live beyond stroke and become a stroke survivor. We also help our patients become engaged in their own recovery – to be active members in their treatment team. Our patients learn to become advocates for themselves, asking questions and learning to cope with their new situation.

The Stroke Rehabilitation Program promotes family involvement in rehabilitation. In the early phases of care, the rehabilitation team develops a treatment plan with the patient and his/her family. Staff members then teach the family how to assist with specific therapeutic activities. In this ongoing process, family members develop skills to help during hospital treatment and after discharge. The hospital also offers services to help the patient and his/her family members as they adjust to change and plan for the future. Our programs aim to provide the highest quality stroke rehabilitation care possible, to educate stroke survivors and the community about stroke rehabilitation, and to advocate for stroke survivors and their families.


The Stroke Rehabilitation Programs of the Spaulding Network provide an unsurpassed level of expertise in Stroke care. Based on the specific level of care, our teams may include attending physicians, (many board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation),  rehabilitation nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, case managers, nurpse practitioners, nutritionists, respiratory therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, neuropsychologists, therapeutic reaction specialists, and program managers, collaborating on each patient’s case to ensure maximum recovery.


Program components include comprehensive evaluations, goal-setting with input from patients’ and family members, and customized treatment programs in each specialty area. Clinicians also offer education and support groups for stroke survivors and their families. The Spaulding Network has the clinical expertise to care for the most medically complex patients.


All Spaulding Network facilities are accredited by the Joint Commission. Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston's Stroke Rehabilitation program is accredited by CARF as a Stroke Specialty Program for both Adults and Child and Adolescent rehabilitation.

Program Director

At Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston, the Medical Director of the Stroke Rehabilitation Program is Dr. Randie Black-Schaffer, Associate Medical Director and Assistant Professor of Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School.

Research & Innovation

Spaulding Rehabilitation Network is dedicated to researching new treatments in the field of stroke rehabilitation. Spaulding researchers, including physicians and other clinicians, oversee ongoing research studies and clinical trials. Research programs at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston include:

Research Program:                  
Direct Current Magnetic Stimulation

The Motion Analysis and Neuromodulation Labs are combining their efforts to investigate the effects of using transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) combined with functional upper limb training on the ARMEO for survivors of traumatic brain injury. Previous studies have suggested tDCS stimulation combined with repetitive task training can facilitate motor recovery in patients after stroke with longer lasting results than therapy alone.                  

Research Program:                     
Self-Described Recovery from Stroke by Person’s with Aphasia

A year-long ethnographic study revealing the perceptions of recovery experienced by stroke survivors with aphasia in their own words.


Related Services

The following special services are available to patients of the Stroke Rehabilitation Program at selected facilities, depending on the patient’s level of care needed.

Assistive Technology Center (ATEC) 
Body-Weight Supported Ambulation Training 
Brace Clinic 
Functional Living Apartment
Outpatient Constraint Induced Movement Program
Monthly Community Stroke Club
Outpatient Neuro STAR Program at Spaulding Boston
Wellness Group
Recreation Therapy
Respiratory Therapy
Vital Stimulation
Gait Laboratory

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