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Pilates Rehabilitation Program


Physical and occupational therapists incorporate Pilates movement sequences to enhance neuromuscular training and restore physical function. Through a controlled flowing movement, routine Pilates enhances posture, strength, stamina and flexibility. By focusing on dynamic (as well as static) body alignment and posture, Pilates training also produces a connectedness between mind and body (neuromuscular control) that enhances movement for everyday activities as well as athletic performance.

Approach to Care

The goal of Pilates, and all of our integrative medicine services, is to enhance therapy outcomes by providing patients with options for alternative medicine techniques to be combined in conjunction with their current therapy. We aim to assist patients with pain and stress management as well as improve flexibility and balance. We believe that learning self-management tools that utilize the healing resources of body, mind, and spirit can empower our patients to more effectively meet their goals.


Utilizing traditional studio apparatus, our experienced orthopedic physical therapists integrate Pilates-based exercises into physical therapy treatment and conditioning program. Equipped with strong clinical reasoning skills, extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal pathologies and recent scientific research physical therapists provide individualized programs to help patients achieve optimal rehabilitation and function.

Therapists can also design a Pilates-based exercise program to improve neuromuscular co-ordination and physical performance for a wide variety of skills and sports.


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