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Choose TPM Active and increase your movement life-span and release your full potential. Whether your focus is achieving results in competitive sport or you want to continue enjoying your lifestyle choices – TPM can improve your wellbeing and your performance. Developed for elite athletes, our clinically proven system gives you the opportunity to take ownership of your movement health by working with specially trained practitioners to reach your personal goals. Together we can help you: manage and reduce pain, predict and prevent injury, whilst enhancing your movement health and delivering tangible results. Whatever your challenge, TPM Active will help you release your full performance potential.

  • We FIND your movement impairments that are responsible for injury risk
  • The system’s evaluation algorithm will ANALYSE your movement efficiency profile and create an individualized report
  • Collaborate with your TPM movement specialist to define and implement a personalized retraining program to FIX the issues identified
  • Ongoing assessment allows you to compare results and track your progress

Do you love to move?
Do you exercise frequently?
Do/can you commit to a daily training process?
Do you want to be the best you can be?
Do you want to win/succeed?

Sign up for an initial 10 week program and begin your journey towards movement health. (No eligible for insurance coverage).


The TPM Active program at Spaulding Brighton incorporates The Performance Matrix, a world class assessment tool that first identifies the uncontrolled movements that contribute to musculoskeletal injuries and persisting problems and then helps modify subsequent retraining.

It is the most accurate and powerful screening system available, designed for both the less active individual recovering from injuries and any active individual, player or athlete committed to their sport and wanting to stay fit long-term. The Performance Matrix minimizes the avoidable injuries that can keep athletes on the sidelines, allowing them to stay fit long term and improve their performance. If you’re troubled by recurring injuries, or want to perform your sport at a higher level, you’ll want to use it to!

Sport specific matrices are available allowing for even higher level testing of movement impairments that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential in your chosen endeavor!

Sign up for an initial 10 week program and begin your journey towards movement health. (Not Eligible for Insurance coverage)

Approach to Care - TPM ACTIVE

Your TPM Movement Specialist will take you through a Performance Matrix Screen which will deliver a report highlighting and prioritizing any risks to injury, whether coordination or intrinsic strength, as well as your performance assets. A reference score will be generated and allows you to monitor your progress through re-screening at regular intervals.

A movement retraining program is then designed based on your profile report and individual goals. Your TPM movement specialist will work with you to advance your retraining program as you progress, providing opportunity for re-screening every 8-10 weeks. Working with you and your sport or strength and conditioning coach as a member of your ‘performance team’, your movement specialist will highlight & focus individual training, allowing you to more quickly progress towards your performance goals, while avoiding the frustration of injury.


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