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Pediatric Speech and Social Skills Groups

Pediatric Speech and Social Skills Group

Spaulding Lexington offers a variety of groups for children who would benefit from therapy intervention in a larger setting. Speech and Social Skills Groups are offered for a variety of needs and age levels.  An assessment of the child is performed and then the child is matched by our expert clinician to the perfect group for their needs. 

Small Talks

Small Talks is a group run by a speech-language pathologist designed to help preschool-age children use language to improve social and play skills through theme based activities. This group is for children ages 3-5 years. This group is eight (8) weekly sessions designed to allow children to interact with each other while doing what children do best…play!

Might Mates

Mighty Mates is a social skills therapy group run by a speech-language pathologist and an occupational therapist designed to help children improve their peer social interactions and understanding of social rules. Children will be placed in one of two groups based on age, as follows:

             Mighty Mates 1: Ages 5 to 6

             Mighty Mates 2: Ages 7 to 9

This group is eight (8) weekly sessions with a focus on improving social behavior and communication through modeling, video, role-play, social stories and games.

Engine Kids

Engine Kids is a self-regulation curriculum designed for children who have difficulty maintaining an arousal level that supports their learning and interactions (curriculum based on concepts from The Alert Program, “How Does Your Engine Run?”).


Groups will include children ages 5-8 who are able to communicate a basic understanding of their own body, activity level, wants/needs, and are able to make choices with or without visual supports.  Children will be placed in one of two groups based on age, as follows:

            Engine 1:  Ages 5 & 6

            Engine 2:  Ages 7 & 8

This group is six (6) weekly sessions with a focus on helping children learn to monitor, maintain and change his/her level of alertness to better match the situation or task.

Approach to Care

Whether a child needs a single therapy or a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation program, our pediatric rehabilitation specialists develop a customized care plan to ensure the best possible outcomes.  In helping our patients reach their potential, our staff addresses the physical, social, emotional and academic needs of each child, laying the foundation for the continuing development of abilities and the experience of success.  Clinicians work with pediatric specialists, referring physicians, schools, the family and the child to set goals and review progress.  We also help families identify additional services and resources available to them within the healthcare system and in their communities.

Leadership and Expertise

Our clinicians have advanced training and experience working with children from birth to fifteen years of age.  Team members listen carefully to what each child and parent have to say to create a customized care plan that engages and motivates the child.

Michelle Alexander is the Site Manager at Spaulding Outpatient Center Lexington.


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