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Parkinson's Disease Wellness Programs

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The Parkinson’s Disease Wellness Programs are designed to enhance quality of life for persons living with Parkinson’s disease, related movement disorders, and their families.  Conducted by clinicians with specialized expertise in neuro-rehabilitation, our wellness programs are an important complement to Spaulding’s multiple levels of care, allowing us to tailor services to meet each person’s needs.  Spaulding’s comprehensive approach to Parkinson’s disease (PD) includes intensive inpatient rehabilitation, comprehensive outpatient therapy and physician services, adaptive sports, and wellness programs.

Healthy Mindset Parkinson's Disease Program

Healthy Mindset is designed to facilitate understanding of PD, support adjustment, and enhance quality of life for persons living with PD and their partners.   The program explores common psychosocial aspects of PD and promotes strategies to enhance well-being in the face of serious illness. 

John Allen, Ph.D., Health Psychologist who specializes in the emotional and psychological impact of PC, conducts the program.  Separate groups for patients and care partners meet for one-hour sessions every other week.

Self-pay program; however, health insurance may cover a portion of it.  Initial evaluation required for patients and partners.  For information, registration, contact 508.833.4102.  

High Intensity Training for Parkinson's Disease

Designed and piloted in 2015 by a group of therapists at Spaulding Orleans, High Intensity Training for Parkinson’s Disease (HIT-PD) offers those in the early stages of PD an intensive training program to reduce the impact of symptoms and possibly slow the progression of disease.  HIT-PD is based on emerging research on the importance of early exercise and physical therapy in preventing secondary complications of PD. Exercises are designed to improve aerobic fitness, quality of gait, muscle strength, mood, fatigue and cognition.  Participants meet for 90-minute sessions twice weekly for six weeks at a gym in Chatham.  Currently HIT-PD is offered four times per year. Spaulding therapists experienced in treating Parkinson’s disease conduct the program.

Self-pay program. Free screening required prior to joining the program. For information, registration, contact Spaulding Orleans Outpatient Center at 508.240.7203.

Parkinson's Disease Wellness and Exercise Program

The Spaulding Outpatient Centers in Sandwich, Plymouth, Orleans and Framingham and their community partners offer the Parkinson’s Disease Wellness Program for persons with Parkinson’s disease and related disorders. The six-week program is conducted in collaboration with Boston University and is based on research that shows that specific rehabilitation strategies can improve independence and quality of life for those with Parkinson’s disease.  The program is appropriate at any stage of the disease.

The Parkinson’s Wellness Program emphasizes education, exercise, self-management strategies, and peer support. Therapists with extensive training in neuro-rehabilitation teach exercises to improve strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, posture, and verbal communication. It’s hard work that delivers positive results.  Classes meet for 90 minutes twice weekly for six weeks. 

Self-pay program. Free screening required prior to joining the program.

For information, registration, contact:   

  • Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Sandwich – 508.833.4197
  • Spaulding Framingham Outpatient Center – 508.872.2200
  • Harwich Community Center, conducted by Spaulding Orleans Outpatient Center – 508.833.4197
  • Duxbury Senior Center, conducted by Spaulding Plymouth Outpatient Center – 508.927.7424

Rock Steady Boxing Cape Cod

Developed in 2006 and offered now in 25 states, Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) improves quality of life by adapting elements of training for boxers to the unique needs of people with Parkinson’s.  Exercises address four hallmark features of Parkinson’s:  rigidity/stiffness, postural control, tremor, and slowness of movement (bradykinesia).  Through a carefully planned sequence of progressive exercises, boxers improve balance, agility, endurance, posture, and voice.  Classes meet twice weekly for six weeks at a boxing gym in Hyannis.  Spaulding therapists certified in RSB lead the 90-minute sessions.  In addition to functional improvement, RSB participants appreciate the camaraderie of striving with peers and the motivating power of therapists who are passionate about the program. 

Self-pay program. Free screening required prior to joining the program. For information, pre-registration contact 508.833.4078. 

Vibrant Voices

Vibrant Voices is an interactive speech exercise group for individuals with Parkinson’s disease.  Led by a licensed speech and language pathologist certified in LSVT® (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment), the program engages participants in voice exercises to increase audibility and articulation while improving overall communication skills.  The program is for people who have completed LSVT® and is held once a month at Harwich Community Center. 

Free screening required prior to joining the program. Nominal fee. For information, registration, contact Spaulding Outpatient Center Orleans at 508.240.7203. 

Medford Community Wellness Programs

Parkinson's Speech Group (Wednesdays 2:30-3:20 PM)

The speech group will provide patients with the opportunity to practice utilizing speech intelligibility strategies to increase their ability to communicate effectively within the setting of fun group activities. Sessions run for 50 minutes, and will begin with speech exercises and warm-ups, and then will be followed by guided conversations and language based games. Group therapy sessions will use principals from LSVT LOUD, and will be facilitated by a LSVT LOUD certified speech language pathologist. Sessions will seek to improve respiratory, laryngeal and articulatory function to maximize speech intelligibility.

For more information or questions please contact Katie: 857.238.4921

Parkinson's Exercise Group – PD Warriors- (Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 PM and 4:30-5:30 PM)

Exercise has been shown to improve balance, strength, functional ability, and symptom severity in people with Parkinson’s Disease. Join a group of peers and trained volunteers to improve your balance, strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness in a supportive and fun setting. Kick start your exercise goals, get tips on form, and or get ideas to add variety to your routine. Classes run for 1 hour and are physically intensive, so we ask that participants wear sneakers and clothing that is easy to move in. Supervision is provided at a 2-to-1 volunteer-to-participant ratio, so we ask that participants are able to walk and participate in standing balance strength training without physical assistance.

For more information or questions please contact Sara: 857.238.4976

Leadership and Expertise

Spaulding Cape Cod’s Parkinson’s Disease Wellness Program is conducted as part of its Parkinson’s Center for Comprehensive Care, which is directed by David M. Lowell, M.D., a neurologist with expertise in neurobehavioral effects of Parkinson’s disease.


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