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Parkinson's Healthy Mindset Program

Gaining strength through greater understanding and mutual support.

Spaulding’s Healthy Mindset Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Program is designed to facilitate greater understanding, support overall adjustment and enhance quality of life for persons with PD and their partners.  Participants will receive valuable education about the common psychosocial aspects of PD and learn healthy mindset strategies to enhance wellbeing, even in the face of illness.

Advanced Care to Meet our Parkinson's Patients' Needs

The Healthy Mindset program, offered in collaboration with the Parkinson’s Center for Comprehensive Care at Spaulding Cape Cod, is comprised of ten weekly, one-hour group sessions directed by John Allen, PhD, a health psychologist who specializes in the emotional and psychological impact of Parkinson’s disease.  Prior to entry into the program, patients and care-partners must undergo a preliminary evaluation by Dr. Allen.  Health insurance may cover a portion of the program’s cost.  

For registration, program schedule and other information, please call Spaulding Cape Cod at 508.833.4141.



The Healthy Mindset Program is available at the following location:

Spaulding Outpatient Center Sandwich


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