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Healthy Running Program

Spaulding’s Healthy Running Program is an injury prevention program that incorporates a detailed evaluation, including video analysis, to assess a runner’s gait, muscle strength, flexibility and posture.  The evaluation is designed for any runner, from beginners to ultra-marathoners.  Our thorough evaluation allows us to construct an individually tailored exercise and training program, which may include recommendations for running form.  We educate the runner in how to run safely, avoid injury, and achieve his or her goals.  In the Healthy Running Program, you will be seen by a licensed physical therapist credentialed in injury prevention through Spaulding’s National Running Center.  We ultimately strive to help runners reach maximum potential and prevent time loss due to injury.

Leadership and Expertise

All of our practitioners are not only licensed physical therapists, but have all undergone additional training and testing through the Spaulding National Running Center, obtaining credentialed status in the Healthy Running Program.  We are all passionate about what we do, and collaborate with each other regularly to keep up to date on the latest research and treatment approaches.


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