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Foot Orthotics Services

Foot Orthotics

The outpatient Foot Orthotics services at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network are designed to help you improve the biomechanical alignment of your ankles, feet, legs, hips, and spine. Using an evidence-based approach, Spaulding Network clinicians can provide customized foot orthotics to best meet your unique needs.

The components of Spaulding Network’s Orthotics services include:

  • Video assessment of walking and/or running
  • Comprehensive biomechanical assessment
  • Casting of your foot in a biomechanical neutral position
  • Footwear recommendations
  • Education on injury prevention


Our clinicians have extensive training in custom foot orthotics, resulting in the most optimal outcome for our patients. Our clinicians have worked with athletes of all levels, from casual walkers to elite marathoners. Our patients who spend a portion of their day on their feet, whether at their job or working around their home, have benefitted from the Spaulding Network’s Foot Orthotics services.

Service Coordinator

Each of the Outpatient Centers of the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network has on-site clinical leaders who direct the Foot Orthotics programs.


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Outpatient: 1.888.SRN.4330

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