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We Step Up

We Step Up.

From events across the globe or right next door, when people are in need we are there. At the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, we work with patients everyday to help them find their strength. Often our mission can take us to unexpected places. It could mean our skilled clinicians are asked to help with international disasters such as the Haiti earthquake or bring a group of Libyan war wounded to our hospital. Or big events closer to home such as this past year when the unthinkable happened in our own city and 32 survivors injured during the Boston Marathon bombing needed our care.

As a caregiver, advocate and educator, throughout the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network our goal is to do whatever we can to help people get better.  Sometimes those are moments with the world watching. Sometimes they are private victories far away from attention.

Whatever triumphs, setbacks and challenges await, the dedicated caregivers at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network will be there to help however we can. To us it’s so much more than what we do. It’s who we are.

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Find your strength

The people of Spaulding are committed to helping patients and families find their strength.

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