Careers in Mission-driven Organizations

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Join Oswald Mondejar, Vice President Human Resources & Community Relations, Spaulding Rehabiltation Network and Partners Healthcare at Home at this exciting panel sponsored by the


Harvard Graduate School of Education
Gutman Library – Conference Center
6 Appian Way
Cambridge MA 02138

Are you missing out on a great career opportunity in a mission-driven organization?

Join us to hear about the advantages and challenges of a mission-driven career from our distinguished panel of not-for-profit executives. There are over 10 million jobs in traditional non-profit organizations throughout the United States. This number increases numerous times when other types of mission-driven organizations and social entrepreneurship ventures are considered. Non-profits are increasingly looking for employees who have the business savvy to maximize profits and cut losses so they can be completive and remain sustainable. Are you ready to elevate your career and make an impact?

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